Professional Experiencies


2008-2009/ 2014- today: 3D graphism and movies for architectural visual design and real estate advertising


Modeling, shading, scenery,lighting and rendering 3DSMAX+ VRAY 
3D character animation and scenery (Biped and cars set-up). 
Video characters for 3d movies (Keying and 3D compositing with NUKE). 

2004 CREANIME. 3D movie for a mall project in Marseille. Modelisation, mapping, FX, camera, lightings.

2001 N.Criniere, Architect. 3D views of exhibition stands and 3D views for the Museum of Alexendry project.

Video Games

Lexis Numerique

2009/2011: Lexis Numerique Mobile, Marseille

Cinématics, Animation, motion-capture management. games : Red Johnson Chronicles and Broocklyn stories(Ps3).

Motion capture specialist: Animation tools eddition. Motion-captures production follow-up. Character set-up and game animations edditing in MOTION BUILDER. Export process in the game-engine and quality control, Lipsynch, etc.


2006/2007 : UBISOFT PRODUCTION, Montpellier

In-game Cinématics set-up, animation (MotionBuilder).

games : RAYMAN 4 (PS2) and Beowulf (Ps3).

Lion Heads Studios

2002: Lion Head Studios, Guildford, UK.

Character animation (3DSMAX), PC game: THE MOVIE.

Other games :
Dracula 2, Jeckyll&Hide, Atlantis 2, Aztec and Tales of Chivalery

2001: ASUWANT entertainment / wanadoo editions.

          Functions: Animation and VFX for Full Motion Video game cinematics

          (animation, lighting, camera animation, 3D and 2D FX, editing, post-production ).

          Game: Dracula II, last sanctuary

2000: Video-Game company: Matermachina-IN UTERO

          Functions: 3D animation of the 2 mains characters of the game Jeckyll & Hyde.

1998/99: Video- Game company CRYO / Dreamcatcher

          Functions: modeling, mapping, animation, rendering, editing, lip-synchs, etc...

          games: Atlantis 2, Aztec and Tales of the Chivalry.


ONE Bit / Partizan

2002/ 2004: 25 movies for TV commercials directed by G.DeCrecy/Partizan, Paris:

FEDEX, KELLOGS (Real Fruit winders), FANTA and WALKERS (Wotsit and Twistit).

CG generalist artist 3DSMAX: modeling, mapping, shading, light, scenery, character set-up and animation and edditing.

2005/2006 SOWHATNOW, Paris

Animation, light, rendering for “Phi TV” Ident and advertisings.

Video Clips and Short films

Sacrebleu Productions

2013: Sirena Show.

Functions: Main character modelisation and mapping.

Contact: Yann Jouette (director)

Etienne DeCrecy / Zazie / Cool T

2004: Aoki.  «Cool T» and «One T»

Contacts : et

Functions: Character Set up, Animatic, character animation and lips sync.

2001: Specimen: Zazie’s video clip « Rue de la Paix ».

Functions: modelling, mapping, animation.

2001: ONE Bit. Etienne de Crecy Video clip « Tempovision ».

Contact: G.Decrecy (director).

Functions: modelling, light, scenery.

2001: ONE Bit. Etienne de Crecy Video clip « Scratched ».

Functions: modelling, light, scenery, Rendering and Editing.

3D Teaching


2004: GOBELINS (CFT) School of Animation, Paris.

Functions: 3DSMAX teacher

Contact: O.Wittner.


2000: CNBDI national school of Comics and Art, 16000 Angouleme, France.

Functions: 3DSMAX3 and animation trainer for the European Master of Art classes.

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